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Wednesday 18 October 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Osaka's Must-Try Street Food Delights

Osaka is an ideal holiday destination for families. You can easily book Kuala Lumpur to Osaka flight tickets via Traveloka. Set the date and goal, then choose the flight according to your preferences.

If you are looking for convenience, several airlines, such as Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia offer direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka in around 6-7 hours. In addition, various airlines, including Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways (ANA), and Singapore Airlines, also serve this route.

While on holiday in Osaka, don't miss the opportunity to taste the city's typical street food and snacks. Here are the options.

Best Street Food in Osaka

Osaka is known for its diverse culinary delights. Below are some of the most popular cuisines in Osaka that are worth trying!

1. Dotonbori

The first place you can visit while in Osaka is Dotonbori. This is a famous area in Osaka and a paradise for street food lovers.

Here, you can find various delicious foods typical of Osaka, such as takoyaki (octopus balls), okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pancakes), yakisoba (fried noodles), and various types of snacks such as taiyaki (fish cakes filled with red beans) and kushikatsu (skewered and fried food).

Experience the authentic taste of Japan by exploring the various food stalls lined up along the Dotonbori River, making the culinary experience in Dotonbori very memorable for every visitor.

2. Kuromon Ichiba Market

This market is famous for its wide variety of fresh seafood and street foods such as takoyaki, kushikatsu, and sashimi. Not only that, Kuromon Ichiba Market is a street food paradise in Osaka.

Located in the city center, this market is famous for its variety of delicious food and traditional Japanese snacks. Visitors can enjoy foods such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, fresh sashimi, ramen, kushikatsu, and fresh seafood.

There are also shops selling typical Japanese snacks and snacks. Kuromon Ichiba Market is the perfect place for tourists to experience the atmosphere of a bustling traditional market in Osaka.

3. Shinsekai

Shinsekai is one of the areas known as a street food paradise in Osaka. Located in the city's south, this area has an attractive retro feel.

Tourists who come can explore the historic streets filled with traditional food stalls such as kushikatsu (skewered and fried food), kimbap (Korean rolled food), takoyaki (octopus balls), and various other Japanese-style dishes.

This delicious food is often served at affordable prices, making Shinsekai a popular destination for street food lovers who want to taste the delicious flavors of Osaka.

4. Namba Yasaka Shrine

If you come to Osaka, remember to stop by this location. Namba Yasaka Shrine is an exciting place to sample street food amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Osaka. 

Around this temple, there are various food stalls selling traditional Japanese food and snacks such as takoyaki (octopus balls), okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pancakes), taiyaki (fish cakes filled with red beans), and various other delicious snacks.

Tourists can enjoy a meal while exploring the beauty of Namba Yasaka shrine, making the street food experience here one of the unforgettable culinary attractions in Osaka.

5. Tsuruhashi

The area is famous for Yakiniku (Japanese grilled meat dishes) and street food such as kushikatsu. But this place is also a popular destination for street food and Korean culinary delights.

Along the streets of Tsuruhashi are various food stalls selling authentic Korean dishes such as bulgogi, kimchi, tteokbokki, and more. Tourists can experience the authentic taste of Korea without having to go far.

Apart from that, outlets also sell Japanese dishes such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Tsuruhashi is the perfect place to explore the delicious and diverse world of street food.


Explore Osaka's unforgettable street food delights and enjoy an extraordinary culinary journey in the city. However, remember that culinary adventures are not limited to Osaka. 

You can find similar culinary sensations in other destinations, such as Bangkok. To plan your trip, book a flight ticket to Bangkok via Traveloka. Enjoy convenient flight options, as well as the best offers and services.

With Traveloka, you can organize your culinary trip easily. So, don't delay, book your flight tickets now and welcome your next culinary adventure!

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